I use products from Lice Treatment Center (LTC), where I am certified through. I chose their products and certification program because they have been in business for over 20 years and have non-toxic all natural products that are safe for kids and were formulated by a pediatrician. You can find more information about LTC at

LTC Treatment Products

LTC Treatment Shampoo is the first step which helps to kill any live lice.

LTC Treatment Conditioner is the second step and is combed out of the hair.

LTC Hair and Scalp Treatment Oil is the last step and is left in your hair for 8 hours.

LTC Fabric and Upholstery spray is used to kill lice on bedding and furniture.

LTC Prevention Products

LTC Daily Shampoo and Conditioner is a mild year round lice prevention product.

 LTC Lice Repellent Leave-In Conditioner is my number 1 selling product! It’s a daily spray to keep lice away. I highly recommend!

LTC Helmet Spray is for sports helmets, hats , ETC. Spray before placing item on the head.